Three Peaks Apparel

Above the clouds, below the trees. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire you to get outside. To explore, to grow, to push yourself to new limits and experience the beautiful landscapes this world has to offer. We want generations after us to be able to experience and enjoy the same raw, beautiful wilderness that Canada has to offer so we are donating 5% of all profits to non-profit organizations such as CPAWS and Surfrider to keep our Canadian Parks and coastlines clean. Now not only can you look good, but you can feel good too!   

Our Products

Our products feature hand drawn designs inspired by adventure and a love of the outdoors. They're perfect for conquering mountains, wandering through the forest, or relaxing with friends by a fire.

Keep our oceans clean and forests green

Part of the proceeds from each item will be going to organizations with the goal to protect and conserve what makes Canada beautiful. Different items go towards different organization, more information can be found in the clothing descriptions.

What are we up to?

Follow our blog posts to learn tips on how to plan your adventure, what to pack, and our inspirations. COMING SOON, STAY TUNED!

Have Questions?

Feel free to contact us anytime on our facebook page, instagram, or email us at